DDD North 2016

Notes from DDD North 2016

October 3, 2016 - 2 minute read -

It’s been another year and I was once again abel to secure tickets to the excellent Developer! Developer! Developer! North conference, and was no disappointed. Once again, here are a few short notes about the sessions I attended.

Session 1:

A Piece of Cake - C# powered cross platform build automation - Gary Park

I’d been interested in Cake for a while, so this was an interesting session. Gary, as a member of the Cake team, really knows his stuff, and gave a very thorough introduction to the system. I really enjoyed the session and am commited to trying out Cake at the first opportunity.

Session 2:

Reactive Applications with Akka.Net - Anthony Brown

Having no previous experience with actor models or distributed systems in general, I was looking forward to this session. I confess myself slightly disappointed, as the session didn’t hold up to my expectations, and I found myself wishing I’d gone to Joel Hammond-Turner’s “10 more things you need to do to succeed as a Tech Lead” session instead.

Session 3:

Component Driven Development with Aurelia - Sean Hunter

I have been following the Aurelia project since Rob Eisenberg first announced it, although I have been unable to put it into action professionally yet. With this in mind this session was the one I was looking forward to the most from the day. Sean understood his subject really well, and presented his ideas with humour. The examples provided were useful and really presented the idea of web components in an easy to undertsnad manner.

Session 4:

Developer UI Testing made easy before you commit to source! - Richard Wilde

I will confess that I chose this session primarily because it seemed the best of the selection for the timeslot it occupied, but I am very glad I attended. Richard presented his subject matter well and I felt like I left with a genuinely increased respect for clietn side testing.

Session 5:

Securing your API with OAuth - Filip Ekberg

This session finished off the day nicely. Filip (author of C# Smorgasbord) made some excellent points during his presentation.

Another fantastic day, and all for the princely sum of £0! I never fails to amaze me how well this day is organized. I didn’t win any prizes, but my colleague Jamie won one of the NDC ticket prizes! My employers had already committed to sending me and another colleague to NDC London in January 2017, so I’ll pull some strings to get Jamie’s travel and accomodation paid by the company so he can accompany us.